Battery Service

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Battery Service

Our professional technicians will check your battery and switch to a new one if needed.

The battery is today an important part of the car. In addition to starting the engine, the battery also provides power so that all electrical components work. A modern car with a large number of electronic components such as lighting, heating systems, radio, windscreen wipers and automatic start / stop systems requires high-quality, high-capacity batteries.
If you have trouble starting your engine, you can find professional help at 24autoservice. We have the necessary tools to review battery performance, if necessary we can replace the battery. From 24autoservice you get all the usual types of batteries, and with the highest quality the car starts even in cold weather. The choice of battery depends mainly on its use, and the price usually goes hand in hand with quality. We can help you find the right battery for your car.
Batteries are hazardous waste. To dispose of an old battery, note that the battery is hazardous waste and contains sulfuric acid, which requires proper handling. At 24autoservice hand we take care of this.

Included in service
Replacing the battery Recycling the old battery

New battery

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